The 1905 list

Return of public houses in each Petty Sessional Division of the county of Cardigan. January 1905. (Ceredigion Archives, Aberystwyth, TPS/1/1 printed).
This is probably a complete list of all premises licenced to sell alcohol in the county, compiled to aid the County Licencing Committee in deciding which pubs should be closed under the 1904 act. It consists of 305 entries, 14 of which are off-licences.
It records:
Name of premises
Parish / place
Name of Licensee and whether owner or tenant
Name and address of owner
Free or tied [to a brewery], if so, name of brewery
Full licence or beer only (only the Farmer’s Llanfihangel y Creuddyn was beer only); or wine and spirit (normally shops and off licences)
Number of days for which the licence was granted – 6 (excepting Sundays) or 7
Other columns (many of which are blank) include:
Transfers [of licences] number during last five years
Transfers Date of last transfer
accommodation number of rooms downstairs
accommodation number of bedrooms
accommodation stabling for horses
are refreshments other than intoxicants supplied?
number of entrances
distance from nearest public house
assessments poor law (in £ S D)
assessments annual value of premises as per schedule 1 of licensing act, 1904
Proceedings against house under licensing acts for past 5 years
nature of offence
date of hearing
Sanitary arrangements
Is an Unrinal provided ?
Is a closet provided ?
Is the structure, external and external, suitable for licenced premises?
selling adulterated whisky
selling drink to drunken person
suffering card playing for money
selling on Sunday
selling during prohibited hours
selling beer to a child under 14 years of age