Malthouses and Breweries in Ceredigion

Many pubs and farms brewed their own ale and beer. There were few large-scale breweries in the county.

Malthouses and Breweries in Aberystwyth
Many public houses brewed their own beer and this became an issue when piped water was first supplied to the town from 1835. In 1837, excise officers were asked to provide the Aberystwyth Improvement Commissioners (who installed the water supply) with the quantity of ale and beer brewed by inn keepers and licenced victuallers in the town so the Commissioners could regulate the amount of rents to be paid for the supply of water.
(Orders and Proceedings of the Commissioners of the Aberystwyth Improvements and Water Works, NLW, ABR, B2(a), 14th November 1837). A list of premises which were provided with water by the Aberystwyth Improvement Commissioners from 1837 exists (Ceredigion Archives) lists 50 public houses, 8 malt houses and 2 breweries, but does not give any indication of the quantity of ale and beer produced by each.

Thomas Griffiths, Maltster, King Street? Aberystwyth (Assessment on inhabitants and occupiers of land and premises within the town… for and towards the repairs of St Michael, Aberystwyth… NLW, St Michael's Aberystwyth, 123)
Queen's Road, Aberystwyth (St John's Buildings)
Robert Pugh, Portland Lane (1837 list)
Anon, 1 Vulcan Place, premises supposed for Malthouse, not occupied (1837 list)
Mr Roberts, 26 Bridge Street (1837 list)
John Jones, 8 Bridge End Place (1837 list)
Mr A P Davies, 5 Mill Street (1837 list)
David Lewis, 8 & 9 Mill Street (1837 list)
David Roberts, Bride End Place (1837 list, dated 1850)

William Cain Monkhouse's brewery, Aberystwyth
Mr Monkhouse, 17 Lewis Terrace (now Alexandra Road)(1837 list)
Alexandra Road (Brewery Street) in the 1830s and 1840s.
Mill Street in the 1860s,
There is now a Brewer Street which runs from Alexandra Road to Cambrian Street. It is assumed that Monkhouse's brewery was on the corner of this street and Alexandra Road.
Lewis, W.J., (1980), Born on a Perilous Rock, p. 104
Mentioned Ceredigion Record Office, Aberystwyth Deeds, box 32.7
Advert, auction of the Brewery, Lewis Terrace with 61½ years lease unexpired. The Welshman, 11.9.1846

Robert's brewery, Trefechan, Aberystwyth.

David Roberts (and Son) Ltd. Roberts' brewery was established by David Roberts in 1844. He used spring water from two wells on the site and barley that he malted himself. There was a pumphouse behind Beehive Terrace with a 60 ft well that supplied water to the brewery. He continued in business until 1897 when his sons, George Fossett Roberts (later knighted), and Henry Roberts took over. They owned many of the public houses in the town. During the 1940s, the demand for beer by service men in training in Aberystwyth increased their profits so they were able to expand, and began to sell beer to other towns in Wales. The firm was taken over by Hancocks in May 1960, and soon after this brewing ceased, but bottling continued. In March, 1969, Hancocks was taken over by Bass Charrington: bottling ceased and new premises, opened in March 1974 were used just for the storage and distribution of drinks.
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David Roberts, Trefechan (1837 list, dated 1851)
Lewis, W.J., (1980), Born on a Perilous Rock, p. 104
Obituary of David Roberts in the Aberystwyth Observer Dec 10 1908
David Roberts of the Green, Trefechan applied for the renewal of leases on the following buildings:
Fox Vaults, Thespian Street and building adjacent to it
The Commercial Inn, Lewis Terrace
The Coach Builder's Arms, Moor Street
The Blue Bell, Corporation Street

Brewery, St John's Buildings, Queen Street
Owned by William Killan, then by Jonathan Pell of the Bell Vue Hotel
Lewis, W.J., (1980), Born on a Perilous Rock, p. 104