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The core of this project is the database of pubs, inns, hotels and other licenced premises in Ceredigion, but to help people understand the subject properly we have prepared some background articles that help to explain things.

Licensed premises in Ceredigion Including how to tell the difference between a pub, an inn, a hotel and a beerhouse.

Malthouses and Breweries Where the beer was brewed.

Temperance Societies Not everyone liked the Demon Drink. At various times the Temperance and tee-total movements were very strong in the county.

Opening hours Opening hours varied considerably over the years.

Dry Sundays The 1881 Act and the history of Dry Sundays in Wales

Pub names Names of Hotels, Inns, Public houses, Taverns, Beer Houses in Ceredigion

Numbers Numbers of Licenced Premises in Ceredigion

Community Functions:
Community Functions How licenced premises were used.
Friendly Societies

Sources Lists of sources used in compiling this data-base.
1905 list The definitive list of pubs in Ceredigion in 1905.
Early Records
Descriptions and illustrations of inns and pubs

Opening and Closing Dates How dates have been recorded
Place Names Problems with place names
Contributors Who has assisted with this data-base