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Details of pub: Welsh Harp, Aberystwyth

Other names: Libertine Cocktail Bar
Address/Location: 54 Terrace Road / Corporation Street corner
OS Grid Ref: SN5834481873
Opened: c.      
Closed: 1889       Type: Pub
Summary: 54 Terrace Road, on corner with Corporation Street
In 1851, John and Sarah Hughes occupied the Welsh Harp with John described as innkeeper.
It was for sale in 1872 as an ideal location for a chemist’s or grocer’s shop, but the following year, James Corbett offered it for sale again, as a Wine and Spirit Vaults, and it was acquired by John Jones the following year. From 1874, one of the rooms was leased to J. A. Murphy as a dentist’s surgery. He was joined by R. A. Rowley, whose son was still practicing dentistry there in the 1920s.
In 1876, Frank Culliford became the licensee of the Welsh Harp but he disposed of it to W. H. Palmer of the Queen’s Hotel in 1881. The following year it was auctioned, with the following description:
‘The "WELSH HARP HOTEL," situated in Terrace Road, and within 100 yards of the Sea and Marine Terrace, contains a spacious and well-arranged Wine and Spirit Vaults, having two frontages and two entrances, a good Smoking-room, an elegant front Sitting-room, several Bed-rooms on the first and second floors, W.C., &c., together with a commodious Kitchen, Cellar, &c., in the basement.’ It was acquired by a Mr Dabbs who appointed Caroline Weaver to manage it.
It was for sale again in 1886, when part of the premises was occupied by J. Edwards’s, Welsh Flannel Depot.
In 1889, the Borough Magistrates refused to renew the license so it was acquired by C.K. Wheatley who taught music lessons there.
It later became the National Milk Bar which closed in about 2015.

2016 The Libertine Cocktail Bar opened on the site (54-56 Terrace Road)

Notes: 1851
John Hughes, Innkeeper, age 32, born in Aberystwyth
Sarah Hughes, wife, age 34, born in Shropshire
house no.: Welsh Harp Terrace Road
source Census page 156

Meeting place of the Oddfellows, Rheidol Lodge, established or first registered: 1854
(JD Pratt’s list, printed, no. 91, date of approval by Pratt 29.8.1854)

1861 Census
20 Terrace Rd.
John Griffiths 57 Innkeeper
Jane Griffiths 59

Evidence in a poaching case
"Fanny Jones sworn My name is Fanny Jones. I am in service with Mrs. Griffiths, at the" Welsh Harp," in this town. I remember four men coming to my mistress' house for some newspapers. It was some night last month. I do not remember what night it was it was before I heard that the Gogerddan keepers had been shot; the four men came in together. They appeared to be country people. The men had two quarts of ale and some spirits they took also one shilling's worth of rum in a bottle with them they remained in the house about half an hour. I heard two of the men ask for newspapers, which I got and gave to the men they were old newspapers, which they wrapped up and put in their pockets. The two men I gave the newspapers to I saw afterwards in the custody of a police constable going to gaol. The accused now present is very much like one of the four men I saw at the Welsh Harp," as already stated. The four men left the Welsh Harp together about a quarter past ten o'clock. One of the men appeared older than the others.
Jane Griffiths sworn I keep the "Welsh Harp" in this town. I heard the evidence given by the last witness, who is my servant. I believe what she said is correct, as far as I remember. I recollect four men from the country coming to my house some night last month one of the men was older than the others. Two of the men had newspapers. It was after ten o'clock when the men left my house they had some ale and spirits, and took rum with them. If I was to see the men again I could not identify them
Told that they had been in another house, that the landlady was an Englishwoman, and that she was the widow of Morgan of Bryndu's brother-John Griffiths, the late husband of Jane Griffiths, was a brother to Morgan Griffiths, Bryndu. I then asked said John Evans, whether the prisoner John Jones was with him at the Welsh Harp," AO 16 Feb 1867 [Is the Englishwoman the landlady of the Harp?]

Welsh Harp Mentioned
CN 5.3.1870

Janes Griffiths, Mrs
occupation: Public House
Welsh harp 54 Terrace Road
source: Post Office, 1871

"Alleged Assault.-Thomas White, keeper of the Welsh Harp Inn, was summoned for having assaulted Robert Rees, pauper, Aberystwyth Workhouse, on the 8th May. Adjourned" CN 24 May 1872
ABERYSTWYTH. A RARE CHANCE. TO BE LET, and entered upon immediately, the WELSH HARP HOTEL; first Hotel from the Terrace, on Terrace-road. The above is well adapted for business, being situated in the best part of the town. A Good opening for a Chemists or Grocer's Shop combined. All particulars can be had of Mr THOS. WHITE, Proprietor.
CN 27.9.1872 – 1.11.1872

TO BE SOLD immediately, the WELSH HARP Wine and Spirit Vaults, Terrace-road, Aberystwyth - Stock and Fixtures to be taken at valuation - situated within 50 years of the Sea-side, and in the main street from station to Terrace Only reason for leaving is the Proprietor having an engagement in North Wales. Apply to JAMES CORBETT, Welsh Harp, Aberystwyth.
CN 27.6.1873 – 19.9.1873

The licence of the Welsh Harp was transferred from Mr Corbett to Mr J. Jones.
CN 6.3.1874

John Jones
occupation: Public House
Welsh Harp 54 Terrace Road (old number: 20)
source: Slater's 1875

MEETING OF RATEPAYERS. At the request of about twenty ratepayers, the Mayor called a public meeting for eight o'clock on Monday evening, July 5th, in the Town Hall, for the purpose of taking into Consideration the new valuation list.
Welsh Harp rates increased from £22 to £35
CN 9.7.1875

Temporary Licence
Mr A. J. Hughes applied for a temporary licence for the Aberystwyth Refreshment Rooms, to Mr Parsons, who has taken the rooms, and succeeds Mr Mytton, who formerly occupied them. The application was granted.
Transfer. The licence of the Welsh Harp, Terrace Road, was transferred from John Jones to Frank Culliford
The licence of the Unicorn was transferred from Sarah Ellis to John Cain;
the licence of the Lion Hotel, was transferred from Thomas Rowlands to John Roberts.
CN 7.1.1876

Jones, John, occupation hotel proprietor & wine merchant & tobacco merchant,
house no.: 54 Welsh Harp, Terrace Road First hotel from the Terrace in Terrace Road source Anon, (1874), Morgan's New Guide to Aberystwyth, adverts section page 28
date: ..1874 advert

Jones, John, occupation Inn and Public House,
house no.: 20 Terrace Road Welsh Harp
source Worrall's Directory page
date: ..1875 directory

Accommodation at Mr. F. W. CULLIFORD, Welch Harp, Terrace Road
CN 22.6.1877

Culliford, F.W.,
house no.: 54 Welsh Harp Terrace Road
source Wales Register and Guide page 76
date: ..1878 1986.257.1 advert

"Frank Culliford, landlord of the Welsh Harp, Terrace-road, was summoned for permitting drunkenness in his house. Mr Hugh Hughes, jun., appeared for defendant, who was dismissed, there being no evidence of knowledge. " S Wales Daily News 26 July 1878

TO BE LET, with immediate possession if required, the WELCH HARP HOTEL, Terrace Road, situate close to Marine Parade, doing a steady and increasing business. Incoming moderate. Full particulars and reason for disposal on application to F. CULLIFORD.
CN 7.11.1879

The licence of the Welsh Harp was temporarily transferred to Mr W. H. Palmer, Queen's Hotel.
CN 19.8.1881

This being the annual licensing day, all licenses were renewed. Mr R.G. Smith applied for a transfer of the license of the Welsh Harp, from Mr F. W. Culliford, to W. H. Palmer. A temporary transfer was given last week. The application was granted. In renewing the license of the Black Horse Inn, Trefechan, the Mayor said some doubtful remarks had been made by the police as to the state of the house, and other complaints were made that the house was not properly conducted. They would take that as a warning, and look after the house better. The landlord promised to do so.
CN 26.8.1881

MESSRS. HAMER and GRIFFITHS have received instructions from Mr. THOMAS WHITE, to offer for Sale by Auction, On THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14th, 1882, At Three o'clock in the Afternoon, at the BELLE VUE ROYAL HOTEL, Aberystwyth, (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), in the following or such other Lot or Lots as may be determined upon at the time of Sale, subject to Conditions of Sale to be then produced, the following LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, namely LOT 1.-The "WELSH HARP HOTEL," situated in Terrace Road, and within 100 yards of the Sea and Marine Terrace, contains a spacious and well-arranged Wine and Spirit Vaults, having two frontages and two entrances, a good Smoking-room, an elegant front Sitting-room, several Bed-rooms on the first and second floors, W.C., &c., together with a commodious Kitchen, Cellar, &c., in the basement. The Lease has 35 years unexpired. The premises is free of Ground Rent, and is now let at the yearly rent of £45.
BEACH HOUSE, [adjoined no. 50 (no. 56?)] adjoining Lot 1, is within view of the Sea and Marine Terrace, contains Front and Back Kitchen in the basement, Front Parlour and Bed-room at back on the ground floor, a large front Sitting-room with bay window on the first floor, a comfortable Bed-room at the back, W.C. and 4 other Bed-rooms on the second and third floors. The Lease has 35 years unexpired. The premises are free of Ground Rent, and are now let at £28 per annum. Further particulars may be had on application to Messrs. HUGH HUGHES & SONS, Solicitors, or of the AUCTIONEERS, 24, Portland Street, Aberystwyth.
CN 1.12.1882

The Petty Sessions were held on Wednesday, before John James, John Jones, and C. Rice Williams, Esqs. A temporary transfer of the licence of the Welsh Harp Hotel was granted from Mr W. H. Palmer to Mr Dabbs and of the Belle Vue Hotel from Mr Hamer to Mr Palmer.
CN 4.7.1884
Caroline Weaver
occupation: Manager
address: Welsh harp Terrace Road
source: Kelly's trade directory, 1884

On the application of Mr Ravenhill the bench granted a temporary transfer of the license of the Welsh Harp from Mr James to Mr Thomas White the landlord.
CN 21.8.1885

MR. OWEN DANIEL will sell by Auction at the Welsh Harp Hotel, Aberystwyth, On MONDAY, the 10th JANUARY, 1886, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. In the following or such other Lots as may be determined upon at the Sale, and subject to conditions to be then produced.
LOT 1. The desirable and fully Licensed Family and Commercial Hotel known as the WELSH HARP, occupying a corner site fronting Terrace-road and Corporation-street, Aberystwyth, containing
BASEMENT: Kitchen, Back Kitchen and Yard.
GROUND FLOOR. Entrance Hall, Staircase, Spacious Bar, and Smoke Room.
FIRST FLOOR: Sitting Room, Bedroom and W.C.
SECOND FLOOR and Attic: Four Bedrooms, in the occupation of Mrs Green, as yearly tenant at the yearly rent of £35.
LOT 2. BEACH HOUSE, [no. 56?] adjoining Lot 1, and fronting Terrace road, containing
BASEMENT: Kitchens and Yard.
GROUND FLOOR: Entrance Hall, Staircase, Front and Back Parlour, Side Entrance and Yard.
FIRST FLOOR: Sitting Room, Bedroom and W.C.
SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS: Four Bedrooms, now in the occupation of Miss Lloyd as yearly tenant, at the yearly rent of £22.
Both Lots are held free of ground rent under lease from the Corporation of Aberystwyth, for a term of ninety-nine years, from the 7th May, 1816 except the last day thereof. For further particulars, apply to Mr O. Daniel, auctioneer, Aberystwyth, or to Messrs Eaton, Evans, and Williams, solicitors, Haverfordwest.
CN 31.12.1886

The Borough Magistrates … refused to renew the licenses of the Dinas and Welsh Harp Hotels.
CN 6.9.1889
(Renewal was not applied for)

"MESSRS MURPHY AND ROWLEY, Surgeon Dentists, Aberystwyth, (Established a 1857), REMOVED from 37, Terrace-road to the Premises lately known as the WELSH HARP HOTEL, in Terrace-read and Corporation-street. " CN 16 Jan 1891

Additional information


50 inch map, 1887

Date: 1887 (approx)


List of pubs summonsed for using unstamped measures

Date: 1874

People associated with this establishment
Culliford, Frank [1846-1890]