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Place (English)Place (Welsh)Other namesPub name / Type
AberaeronAberayronAberaeron Uchaf Inn [Pub]
Aeron Arms (Clarence) [Pub]
Angel Inn (Angel Hotel) [Pub]
Beach Hotel [Pub]
Black Lion (Llew Du) [Pub]
Black Lion [Pub]
Butchers Arms [Pub]
Cadwgan Arms (Wine Vaults) [Pub]
Cambria House [Pub]
Cambrian Inn [Pub]
Carpenters Arms [Pub]
Castle Green [Pub]
Castle Hotel [Pub]
Crown [Pub]
Dolau Aeron [Inn]
Elephant and Castle [Pub]
Feathers Hotel (Feathers Royal Hotel) [Pub]
Gambia Inn [Pub]
Gogerddan [Pub]
Harbour Tavern (Dolphin Inn ) [Pub]
Harbourmaster (Red Lion; Gwesty'r Harbwr) [Pub]
Hart Inn [Pub]
Hive (Y Cwch Gwenyn) [Pub]
Hope [Pub]
Joiners Arms [Pub]
Kings Head [Pub]
Lion (Gogerddan Arms; Black Lion 3) [Pub]
Lloyd Jack Arms [Pub]
Milford Tavern [Pub]
Monachty Arms (Black Lion, Monachty Hotel) [Pub]
Neptune [Pub]
New Black Lion (Black Lion 1; Gin shop) [Pub]
Plough [Pub]
Prince of Wales [Pub]
Queens Head [Pub]
Ram Inn [Pub]
Red Lion 2 [Pub]
Rope and Anchor (Newfoundland; Hope and Anchor) [Pub]
Royal Oak [Pub]
Sailors Arms (Straw Inn) [Pub]
Sailors Home [Beerhouse]
Ship Inn [Pub]
Ship on Launch (Ship in Launch) [Pub]
Star of Wales (Star; Tafarn y Cadwgan; Cadwgan ) [Pub]
Sun Inn [Pub]
Swan Inn [Pub]
Talbot [Pub]
Ty Sian Daniel (Ty Shan Daniel) [Pub]
Unicorn [Pub]
Victoria Hotel (Victoria Inn) [Hotel]
White Hart [Pub]
White Lion [Pub]
Y Bont (Penybont; Penbont ) [Pub]
Aberaeron (p)Aberaeron (p)Black Lion [Pub]
AberarthAber-arthLlanddewi-AberarthPen-bont Inn (Penbont Inn) [Inn]
AbercychNags Head Inn [Pub]
Penrhiw Inn [Pub]
AberporthAber-porthShip Inn (Ship Hotel) [Pub]
Trewern Arms Inn [Inn]
White Lion (White Lion Hotel) [Pub]
Y Morlan [Hotel]
AberystwythAberystwithAcademy [Pub]
Albion (Albion Inn; Albion Hotel) [Pub]
Alfred Noyes [Off-licence]
Allsopps [Brewery]
Angel [Pub]
Ashleys [Hotel]
Assembly, Ball and Billiard Rooms [Club]
Australian Vaults (Australia Vaults) [Pub]
Avondale [Hotel]
Bar 46 [Pub]
Baravin [Pub]
Barracks Mobile Cocoa Tavern [Temperance]
Bay Hotel (Y Bae) [Hotel]
Beer Shop, Moor Street [Pub]
Belgrave Hotel (Belgrave House, Tŷ Belgrave) [Hotel]
Belle Vue (Belle Vue Royal Hotel) [Hotel]
Biddulph's [Off-licence]
Biddulph's [Pub]
Black Bull [Pub]
Black Horse, [Pub]
Black Swan [Pub]
Blue Bell (Old Blue Bell, Blue Bell Hotel) [Pub]
Boar [Pub]
Boars Head [Pub]
Boars Head [Pub]
Bottle Bar [Pub]
Bridge Inn [Pub]
Britannia [Pub]
Buck [Pub]
Bull and Mouth [Pub]
Butchers Arms [Pub]
Cambrian Hotel (Commercial Inn; Commercial Hotel, Railway Inn, Commercial Vaults) [Pub]
Cambrian Inn [Pub]
Canolfan y Celfyddydau / Arts Centre [Pub]
Carpenters Arms [Pub]
Carpenters' Arms [Pub]
Castle Arms [Pub]
Castle Hotel [Hotel]
Castle Hotel [Hotel]
Castle Inn [Pub]
Castle Inn [Pub]
Cause Castle Inn (Cause and Castle) [Pub]
Central Hotel (Tourist Hotel; Garners; Bar Essential; Salt; Coffee #1) [Pub]
Central Hotel [Temperance]
Central Hotel [Hotel]
Chain and Anchor [Pub]
Clarence Hotel [Hotel]
Cleeve Hill [Hotel]
Coach and Horses [Pub]
Coachbuilders Arms [Pub]
Cocoa House (Temperance House) [Temperance]
Commercial Hotel [Pub]
Conservative Club [Club]
Consti [Pub]
Coopers Arms (y Cwps; Coopers Hotel) [Pub]
Craiglais [Hotel]
Cross Foxes (Mill Inn) [Pub]
Crown [Pub]
Crown [Pub]
Crown [Pub]
Crynfryn Arms [Pub]
Crystal Palace (Scholars) [Pub]
Culliford Wine Vaults [Pub]
David Lewis Burton Ale Store [Off-licence]
Deva Hotel [Hotel]
Downies Vaults (Williams and Benson; Morgan and Co.) [Pub]
Druid [Pub]
Duke of Wellington [Pub]
Duke of Wellington [Pub]
Eagle [Temperance]
Elephant and Castle [Pub]
Elizabeth Williams' public house [Pub]
Elysian Grove [Pub]
Farmers Arms (TJs Video Bar) [Pub]
Farmers Arms [Pub]
Farmers Arms [Pub]
Feathers (Plume of Feathers) [Pub]
Feathers [Pub]
Four Seasons [Hotel]
Fox Vaults (Fox Inn) [Pub]
Freemasons Arms (Freemasons Tavern, Masons Arms) [Pub]
Glanaber [Hotel]
Glengower [Hotel]
Globe Inn (Globe Wine Vaults, Globe Spirit Vaults) [Pub]
Gogerddan Arms (Black Lion; Lion Hotel; Lion Royal Hotel) [Inn]
Golden Anchor [Pub]
Golden Eagle [Pub]
Golden Lion [Pub]
Grapes [Pub]
Greyhound [Pub]
Grimsby House [Off-licence]
Gwalia [Hotel]
Gwalia Cocoa House and Temperance Hotel [Temperance]
Hafodunos [Pub]
Harbour Tavern [Pub]
Heart of Oak Inn [Pub]
Hope [Pub]
Hope and Anchor [Pub]
Horse and Jockey [Pub]
Hotel 24 (Smith's Hotel) [Pub]
Hotel Brynawel (Hotel Bryn-a-Wel) [Temperance]
Hotel Cambria (Cambria Hotel) [Pub]
Howell's Temperance Hotel [Temperance]
Inn on the Pier [Pub]
Ivy Bush (Bush) [Pub]
James Hall [Pub]
James’s Temperance and Commercial Hotel (James's Temperance Hotel, James's Commercial Hotel) [Temperance]
John Roberts Vaults [Pub]
King Charles in the Oak [Pub]
Kings Arms [Pub]
Kings Head [Inn]
Kops [Brewery]
Lamb [Pub]
Leopard Vaults [Off-licence]
Libertine [Pub]
Lisburne Arms [Pub]
London and Provincial Stores (John James Market; Jimmy's Vaults, Railway Tea Warehouse) [Pub]
London Tavern [Pub]
Lord Hill [Pub]
Lord Nelson Inn (Nelson; Nelsons Head, Sailors Home, Farmers Arms) [Pub]
Malthouse, Bridge Street [Brewery]
Malthouse, Skinner's Arms [Brewery]
Marine Hotel [Hotel]
Mariners Arms [Pub]
Market Street Vaults [Pub]
Market Tavern [Pub]
Masonic Hall [Club]
Melbourne Stores (Melbourne House) [Off-licence]
Merionethshire Arms [Pub]
Miners Arms [Pub]
Montgomeryshire Vaults (Montgomery Vaults, New Spirit Vaults, Corbett's Spirit Vaults) [Pub]
Morris's Temperance Hotel [Temperance]
Nags Head [Pub]
Nanteos Arms [Pub]
Nelson 2 [Pub]
Neptune Inn [Pub]
New Inn [Pub]
New Market Tavern (Market Tavern) [Pub]
New Street Vaults (Bank Vaults) [Pub]
Northey's Temperance and Commercial Hotel (Northey's Temperance Hotel) [Temperance]
Number 8 [Pub]
Old Inn [Pub]
Old Sign [Pub]
Oriental Cafe [0]
Padarn Temperance Hotel (Padarn Coffee Tavern) [Temperance]
Painter's Temperance Hotel and Eating House [Temperance]
Pantycelyn Hall [Pub]
Phoenix [Pub]
Picton Arms [Pub]
Pier Hotel [Hotel]
PJM Student Village [Pub]
Plough and Harrow [Pub]
Plough Inn [Pub]
Poole's Refreshment Rooms [Off-licence]
Prince Albert (Court Royale) [Pub]
Prince Llewellyn [Pub]
Prince of Wales [Pub]
Prince of Wales [Pub]
Prince of Wales [Pub]
Promenade Pier (Royal Pier Pavilion) [Pub]
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 1 [Pub]
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 2 [Pub]
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 3 [Pub]
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 4 [Pub]
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 5 [Pub]
Public House (Nanteos Estate) 6 [Pub]
Queens Head [Pub]
Queens Hotel [Hotel]
RAFA club (Royal Air Force Association) [Club]
Railway Inn (Railway Hotel; Lord Beechings, Three Jolly Sailors) [Pub]
Railway Station, refreshment rooms (Wetherspoons) [Pub]
Raven [Pub]
Raven [Pub]
Raven and Bell [Beerhouse]
Red Lion [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Richmond Hotel [Hotel]
Rink [Pub]
Roberts Brewery (David Roberts and Son) [Brewery]
Rose and Crown [Pub]
Rosser Halls student bar [Pub]
Rowland Evans Grocer [Off-licence]
Royal Arms [Pub]
Royal Mail [Pub]
Royal Naval Association Club [Club]
Royal Oak [Pub]
Royal Oak [Pub]
Royal Oak [Pub]
Rummers (Bacchus) [Pub]
Sailors Arms [Pub]
Sailors Arms [Pub]
Sea Bank [Hotel]
Shades [Pub]
Ship [Pub]
Ship and Castle (Flannery's) [Pub]
Ship and Launch (Ship Launch) [Pub]
Ship-a-ground [Pub]
Shipwright Arms [Pub]
Shropshire Arms [Pub]
Skinners Arms (Tavern in the Town; Blingwyr; Skinner's Video Bar; Porky's Fun Bar; K2; Yokos ; Why Not) [Pub]
Smiths Hotel [Hotel]
Sportsman Tavern (Sportsman Inn) [Pub]
Spread Eagle (Eagle) [Pub]
St David's [Club]
St George Hotel (St George Inn) [Pub]
Star Inn [Pub]
Star Temperance Hotel [Temperance]
Students Union 1 [Club]
Students Union 2 [Club]
Sun Inn [Inn]
Talbot (Talbot's Head; Orangery; Wiff Waff; Medinas) [Inn]
Temperance Hall [Temperance]
Temperance Hotel [Temperance]
Temperance House [Temperance]
Terminus (Terminus Hotel; Terminus Vaults; Vale of Rheidol) [Pub]
Three Horse Shoe (Three Horse Shoes) [Pub]
Three Jolly Sailors (Jolly Sailors) [Pub]
Tollgate [Pub]
Unicorn [Pub]
Unicorn (Sportsman; Kanes; Unicorn Inn) [Pub]
Union [Pub]
Vaults [Pub]
Victoria House [Hotel]
Victoria Tavern (The Victoria, Victoria Hotel, Victoria Inn) [Pub]
Waterloo Hotel [Hotel]
Waverley Temperance Hotel [Temperance]
Welsh Harp (Libertine Cocktail Bar) [Pub]
Western Vaults (Weston Vaults, Weston Hotel) [Pub]
Westminster Commercial Temperance Hotel [Temperance]
White Hart [Pub]
White Horse [Pub]
White Horse Hotel (Varsity, Rea's) [Pub]
White House [Temperance]
White Lion [Pub]
White Lion 2 [Pub]
White Swan Inn (Swan Inn) [Pub]
William Scott, Grocer [Off-licence]
Wine Vaults (Watkins' Vaults; Fear's Vaults; Hardings' Vaults; North Parade Hotel) [Pub]
Yr Hen Llew Du (Black Lion; Old Black Lion, Hen Lew Du) [Pub]
Aberystwyth (p)Liberal Club [Club]
Starling Cloud [Pub]
Yr Hen Orsaf [Pub]
AdparTrefhedynAdpar Coffee Tavern [Temperance]
Black Horse Inn [Inn]
Coedmore Arms [Pub]
Drovers Arms [Pub]
Lamb Inn [Pub]
Nags Head [Pub]
Red Cow Inn [Pub]
Betws BledrwsDerry Arms (Derry Ormond Arms) [Pub]
Betws Bledrws (p)Bettws BledrwsThomas Cousins, Brynmadog Lodge (Bryn-madog Bach) [Unlicenced]
Betws Ifan (p)Bettws EvanBlack Lion [Beerhouse]
David Davies beerhouse [Unlicenced]
Betws Lleucu Bettws LeikiVedw Arms [Pub]
BlaenannerchCross Inn [Pub]
BlaenpennalNew Inn [Pub]
BlaenplwyfNew Inn [Pub]
BlaenporthBlack Horse [Pub]
Blaenporth (p)Blaen-porthCrown [Pub]
BontgochBont-gochNeuadd Bryn Glas (Neuadd-bryn-glas) [Beerhouse]
Tafarn y Sarnau [Beerhouse]
BorthCambrian Hotel (Grand Hotel, Pantyfedwen) [Pub]
Cambrian Inn [Pub]
Friendship Inn [Pub]
Grand Hotel [Hotel]
Nags Head [Pub]
Prince of Wales [Beerhouse]
Railway Hotel [Pub]
Railway Inn (Railway Tavern) [Pub]
Railway Station Refreshment Rooms [Pub]
Temperance House [Temperance]
Victoria Inn [Pub]
White Lion Inn [Pub]
Windsor Vaults [Pub]
Bow StreetThree Jolly Sailors [Pub]
Unknown [Pub]
Welsh Black (Cross Axes; Black Lion Inn) [Pub]
BronantBron-nantTafarn y Bont (Bont Inn`) [Pub]
BrynhoffnantBryn-HoffnantBrynhoffnant Inn [Pub]
Tafarn-ysgawen (Tavernscour, Tavern-yscawen, Tafarnscawen) [Pub]
Capel BangorCapel BangorMaesbangor Arms [Pub]
Tynllidiart Arms (Ty'n-llidiart, Tynllidiard) [Pub]
Capel CynonGrange Inn [Pub]
Capel DewiRampant Lion (Lion Rampant) [Pub]
Capel SeionNant Eos Arms [Pub]
CardiganAberteifiAlbion [Pub]
Ancient Briton [Pub]
Angel Hotel [Pub]
Angel Inn [Pub]
Ann John [Unlicenced]
Bear Inn [Pub]
Bell (Bell Vue; Sailors Home) [Hotel]
Belle Vue Hotel [Hotel]
Black Bull [Pub]
Black Horse [Pub]
Black Horse 2 [Pub]
Black Lion Hotel [Hotel]
Blue Anchor [Pub]
Blue Bell [Pub]
Blue Bell [Pub]
Boadicea Wine and Spirit Vaults (Boadicea) [Pub]
Bridge End Arms [Pub]
Brynbwa Arms (Brynbua Arms) [Pub]
Bunch of Grapes [Pub]
Butchers Arms [Pub]
Cambrian Inn [Pub]
Cardigan Arms [Pub]
Cardigan Bay [Pub]
Carpenters Arms [Pub]
Castle [Pub]
Castle Arms [Pub]
Castle Arms 2 [Pub]
Castle Inn [Pub]
Castle Inn [Pub]
Castle Inn 3 [Pub]
Cellar Bar [Pub]
Chambers Wine Bar [Pub]
Coach and Horses [Pub]
Commercial [Pub]
Commercial Hotel (Swan Hotel?) [Pub]
Crown and Anchor [Pub]
Crown Inn [Pub]
Davies' Inn [Pub]
Dolphin [Pub]
Drawbridge Inn (Drawbridge Bonded Stores) [Pub]
Eagle [Pub]
Eagle Inn (Fusion Bar) [Pub]
Emlyn Arms [Pub]
Farmers Arms [Pub]
Farmers Arms [Pub]
Farmers Arms [Pub]
Farmers Arms [Pub]
Farmers Arms [Pub]
Fat Ox Hotel [Hotel]
Feathers [Pub]
Fishguard Arms [Pub]
General Picton [Pub]
Globe [Pub]
Gloucester House (Gloster House) [Off-licence]
Golden Lion [Pub]
Gomer [Pub]
Greyhound [Pub]
Grosvenor Hotel [Pub]
Half Moon [Pub]
Hannah Davies [Unlicenced]
Hannah Wigley [Unlicenced]
Hope and Anchor [Pub]
Hope and Anchor 2 [Pub]
Ivy Bush Inn [Pub]
Joiners Arms [Pub]
Jolly Sailor [Pub]
Joseph Prosser [Unlicenced]
Kings Head [Pub]
Lamb Inn [Pub]
Liverpool Arms [Pub]
Market House Inn (Ben Davies) (Market Arms?) [Inn]
Mary Esau [Unlicenced]
Masons Arms [Pub]
Nags Head [Pub]
New Inn [Pub]
Newport Arms (Croft House) [Pub]
Noyadd Arms [Pub]
Noyaddwilyn Arms [Pub]
Pelican [Pub]
Pelican 2 [Pub]
Pelican 3 [Pub]
Pelican 4 [Pub]
Pelican Inn [Pub]
Plasterers Arms [Inn]
Plough [Pub]
Prince of Wales [Pub]
Pritchard Arms (Prichard Arms) [Pub]
Queens Head [Pub]
Queens Hotel [Pub]
Railway Tavern [Pub]
Red Cow Inn [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Rose and Crown [Pub]
Royal Arms [Pub]
Royal Oak Inn [Pub]
Saddlers Arms [Pub]
Sailors Home [Pub]
Sambrooks [Temperance]
Sarah Griffiths [Malthouse]
Sarah Wilson [Unlicenced]
Ship and Castle [Pub]
Ship Inn (25 Mile, Coffee #1) [Pub]
Ship on Launch [Pub]
Shipwright Arms [Pub]
Square and Compasses (Square and Compass) [Pub]
Step Inn [Pub]
Swan Inn [Pub]
Teifi-side Inn [Pub]
Three Cranes [Pub]
Three Horseshoes [Pub]
Three Mariners [Pub]
Towyn Arms [Pub]
Victoria Coffee Tavern [Temperance]
Victoria Inn [Pub]
Volunteer Arms [Pub]
White Hart Inn [Pub]
White Horse [Beerhouse]
White Lion [Pub]
White Lion 2 [Pub]
White Lion 3 [Pub]
Castell HywelCastell HowellTafarn Bach [Pub]
Cellan (p)Fishers Arms (Caerau) [Pub]
Royal Oak [Pub]
Tafarndy (Tavarndy) [Pub]
ChanceryConrah [Inn]
CilcenninCil-CeninCommercial Inn [Pub]
Cilcennin (p)Farmers Arms [Pub]
Hendafarn [Pub]
Newbridge [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Rhiwlas Arms (Rhulas) [Beerhouse]
Tynewydd [Pub]
Ciliau Aeron (p, cc)Graig [Pub]
CribynCribinClock (Clock Inn, Clock Tavern) [Pub]
Mynach Arms [Pub]
Poachers Pocket [Pub]
Samuel Davies, Blacksmith [Unlicenced]
Shoemakers Arms [Pub]
Three Horse Shoes (Three Horseshoes, Three Horse Shoe) [Pub]
Cross Inn Cross Inn [Inn]
Three Pipes [Pub]
Cwm TylwdBlack Horse [Pub]
CwmannCwmanne Tavern [Pub]
CwmerfynCwm-erfynNew Inn [Pub]
CwmrheidolDyffryn Castell Hotel [Pub]
Nanteos Arms [Pub]
CwmtyduGlanmorllyn Inn [Beerhouse]
CwmystwythFountain Head (Pen Ffynnon) [Pub]
Lisburne Arms [Pub]
Pentre Brunant [Pub]
Cwrt NewyddCwrt-newyddNew Court, NewcourtClarence Inn [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Taylors Arms [Pub]
Dderwen GamMonachty Arms [Pub]
DerwenlasBlack Lion Inn [Pub]
Devil's BridgePont ar FynachCatherine Davies Beer-house [Beerhouse]
Hafod Arms (Devil's Bridge Hotel) [Inn]
King William 4th [Pub]
Three Bridges Bar [Pub]
Dihewyd (p)Maesglas [Beerhouse]
New Inn [Inn]
Red Lion [Pub]
Eisteddfa GurigPlinlimmon Hotel [Hotel]
FerwigY FerwigVerwig, VerwickOwen Alban Maltster [Unlicenced]
Tanners Arms [Beerhouse]
Ffair RhosRhos Ffair, Ffair-rhosBwlchygwynt [Beerhouse]
Cross Inn (Teifi Inn) [Pub]
Ty Mawr Uchaf [Beerhouse]
Ffos y FfinCross Pipes [Pub]
Red Lion Inn [Inn]
FfostrasolPen-lanFfostrasol Inn (Tafarn Ffostrasol, Ffostrasol Arms) [Pub]
GilfachrhedaGilfachredaSalutation [Pub]
Step Inn [Beerhouse]
GogerddanRoyal Oak [Pub]
Tafarn y Fagal (Tafarnyfagl, Tafarn y fagl) [Pub]
GoginanBlack Horse [Pub]
Druid Inn [Pub]
Goginan Arms [Pub]
Miners Arms [Pub]
Royal Oak [Pub]
GorrigGorrig Inn [Inn]
GorsgochCefnhafod Inn [Pub]
GwbertCliff Hotel (Gwbert Inn, The Gwbert, Gubert Inn) [Hotel]
Gwnnws (p)Caradog Inn (Caradog Arms, Broncaradog Inn) [Beerhouse]
Cross Inn [Pub]
Crowborough-Gate Inn [Beerhouse]
Henfynyw (p)Carpenters Arms [Pub]
Kings Arms [Pub]
New Inn [Pub]
New Ship [Pub]
Three Horse Shoes [Pub]
Union [Pub]
HenllanMason's Arms [Pub]
Railway Inn (Railway Hotel, Henllan Falls Hotel) [Pub]
HorebBlaendyffryn Hall Hotel [Hotel]
Weavers Arms [Beerhouse]
Issa'n DreOld Black Lion [Pub]
LampeterLlanbedr Pont SteffanAngel [Pub]
Barley Mow [Pub]
Black Lion (Black Lion Royal Hotel; Y Llew Du) [Hotel]
Blacksmiths Arms (Smiths Arms) [Beerhouse]
Blaize Castle [Pub]
Bumper [Pub]
Castle Green Inn (Llain y Castell) [Inn]
Castle Hotel (White Hart 1) [Hotel]
Cornel [Pub]
Crown Bach [Beerhouse]
Crown Inn [Pub]
Deri Arms [Pub]
Drovers Arms [Inn]
Farmers Arms (Butchers Arms) [Pub]
Fountain Inn [Inn]
George [Inn]
Globe [Pub]
Green Dragon [Pub]
Greyhound [Pub]
Hope Inn (Hope) [Pub]
Ivy Bush (Bush) [Pub]
Kings Arms [Pub]
Lamb [Pub]
Lion Inn [Inn]
Masons Arms [Pub]
Nags Head [Pub]
Nags Head (ex.Kings Head) (King's Head) [Pub]
Neuadd Arms [Pub]
Plough Inn (Blossom Lodge) [Pub]
Pontfaen Coffee Tavern (Pontfaen Stores, Coronation Stores) [Temperance]
Queens Arms [Pub]
Railway Hotel (Railway House; Troedyrhiw-issa;Tafarn Troedrhiw) [Hotel]
Railway Station, refreshment rooms [Pub]
Red Lion [Inn]
Royal George (Wine Vaults; Gin Shop; Gin Palace) [Inn]
Royal Oak Hotel (Royal Oak) [Hotel]
Ship Inn [Inn]
Star [Inn]
Swan [Pub]
Tafarn Trip [Pub]
Temperance Hotel [Pub]
Temperance Hotel [Pub]
Temperance Hotel [Pub]
Three Horse Shoes (Three Golden Horseshoes?) [Pub]
Unknown [Pub]
Victoria Inn [Inn]
Walters Hotel (Commercial Hotel) [Temperance]
White Hart [Pub]
White Lion [Pub]
Llanafan (p)Royal Oak [Beerhouse]
LlanarthLlannarthBlack Lion [Pub]
Greyhound [Pub]
Inn [Pub]
Llanina Arms [Pub]
Penybont Inn [Pub]
Rose Hill Arms (Rose Hill Tavern) [Pub]
Ship Inn [Pub]
Synod Inn (Horse and Plough) [Pub]
Llanarth (p)Angel [Pub]
Blue Bell [Beerhouse]
Butchers Arms [Pub]
Cross Hands [Pub]
Golden Lion [Pub]
New Inn [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Red Lion 2 [Pub]
Royal Oak [Pub]
Royal Oak [Pub]
Three Horse Shoes [Pub]
Llanbadarn FawrBlack Lion [Pub]
Cors-fach Inn (Gorsfach Inn) [Pub]
Gogerddan Arms [Pub]
Kings Head (Kings Arms) [Pub]
Plough [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Talbot Inn [Pub]
The Outback (Student Bar) [Pub]
Llanbadarn Fawr (p)Beer House (Royal Oak) [Beerhouse]
Brynamlwg [Pub]
Kings Arms [Beerhouse]
Six Bells [Pub]
Tafarn y Crug (Tafarn Crûg) [Pub]
Ty Mawr [Pub]
Wooden House Inn (Tycoed) [Beerhouse]
Llanbadarn TrefeglwysBlack Lion [Pub]
Cross Inn (Rhos-yr-Hafod) [Pub]
Llanbadarn y Creuddyn (t)Llanbadarn Upper, Llanbadarn LowerJohn Lloyd Beerhouse [Beerhouse]
Llanddewi Aberarth (p)Llanddewi Aber-arth (p)Crown Inn [Pub]
Joiners? Arms [Pub]
Penybont Inn [Pub]
Plough Inn (Morfa Cottage) [Inn]
Star [Pub]
Swan [Pub]
Union [Pub]
Llanddewi BrefiBear [Beerhouse]
Black Lion [Pub]
Bridge End Inn [Pub]
Cherry Tree [Beerhouse]
Cross Inn [Pub]
Drovers Arms [Pub]
Foelallt Arms (Voelallt Arms, Voillallt Arms) [Pub]
Ivy Bush [Pub]
New Inn [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Tafarn Newydd [Pub]
LlandreBlack Lion Inn [Pub]
Glebe Inn (Globe Inn) [Inn]
Inn [Inn]
LlandyfriogCilgwyn Arms (Ye Cilgwyn Arms) [Pub]
Cross Roads [Pub]
LlandygwyddLlandugwyddNeuadd Cross (Noyadd Cross) [Pub]
Penllwyndu Inn [Pub]
Llandysiliogogo (p)Pwllyrafel [Unlicenced]
Tanysgwilfa [Unlicenced]
LlandysulBlue Bell [Inn]
Butchers Arms [Pub]
Cilgwyn Arms [Pub]
Cilgwyn Bach [Pub]
Coopers Arms [Pub]
Crown [Pub]
Farmers Arms [Pub]
Golden Mortar, Chemist [Off-licence]
Greyhound Inn [Inn]
Kings Arms (Kings Arms Hotel) [Pub]
Kings Head Hotel [Hotel]
Medical Hall, Chemist [Off-licence]
New Inn (Crown Bach) [Beerhouse]
Pelican Inn [Inn]
Porth Hotel [Hotel]
Railway Station, Refreshment rooms [Pub]
Union Inn (Union Tavern) [Inn]
White Lion [Pub]
Llandysul (p)LlandyssulAngel [Pub]
Cross Hands [Pub]
Rhose Tavern [Pub]
Teifiside [Pub]
Llanfair ClydogauLlanfair Bridge (Llanfair Bridge Inn, Bridge Inn) [Pub]
LlanfarianPentrebontRoyal Oak Inn (Oak Inn, Figure Four) [Pub]
Llanfihangel ar ArthLlanfihangel YerothCounty Gate Hotel [Hotel]
Cross Inn [Pub]
Eagle [Pub]
Farmers Arms [Pub]
Llanfihangel y Creuddyn (p)Bear [Pub]
Frederick Hughes Beerhouse [Beerhouse]
Lisburne Arms [Pub]
New Inn [Pub]
Y Ffarmers (Farmers Arms) [Pub]
Llanfihangel Ystrad (p)New Inn [Pub]
LlangeithoDrovers Arms [Beerhouse]
Plas Inn (Plas Hotel) [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Rose Inn [Pub]
Stags Head [Pub]
Three Horse Shoe (Gwesty'r Tair Pedol, Three Horse Shoes) [Pub]
Llangeitho (p)Tafarn-mwt [Pub]
Llangoedmor (p)Black Horse [Beerhouse]
Enos George [Malthouse]
Tafarn y Bugail (Tafarn-y-bugail, Tafarnybugail) [Inn]
LlangrannogLlangranog, LlangaranogBlack Lion Inn [Pub]
Blaencelyn Inn [Pub]
Dolmeddyg (Dolmeddig) [Beerhouse]
New Inn [Pub]
Pentre Arms (Brown Hotel) [Pub]
Sarah Davies [Beerhouse]
Ship and Anchor [Beerhouse]
Ship Inn (Y Llong, Geneva Inn) [Pub]
Llangwyryfon (p)Joiners? Arms [Pub]
Llangybi (p)Derry Arms (Derry Ormond Arms) [Pub]
Glangors [Beerhouse]
Olmarch Arms [Pub]
Llanilar (p)Bulls Head Inn [Pub]
Falcon (Falcon Inn; Falcon Hotel) [Pub]
Old Inn [Pub]
Temperance Hotel [Temperance]
Llanilar Licensing DivisionWilliams Davies, Tanrhos [Unlicenced]
Llanllwchaiarn (p)LlanllwchaearnCross Inn [Pub]
Penrhiwgaled Arms [Pub]
LlanllwniPontllwni [Pub]
LlanonLlan-non, LlannonAberstrincell (Lime Kiln Arms) [Pub]
Castle Inn [Pub]
Central Hotel (Sun Inn; Penrheol) [Pub]
Felinfor Brewery (Aberclydan Brewery; Aberclydan Stores; Penarwel Club; Plas Morfa Hotel) [Brewery]
Glancledan (Glanclydan; Glan Glydon) [Inn]
Green Castle [Pub]
New Ceylon [Pub]
Plas Gwyn (Alltlwyd) [Hotel]
Plough (Plough Inn in 1871 census) [Pub]
Plough [Beerhouse]
Ship Inn [Pub]
Swan Inn [Pub]
Temperance House (Wellington) [Temperance]
Victoria House [Pub]
White Hall Inn (Whitehall) [Pub]
White Lion Inn [Inn]
White Swan (Commercial) [Pub]
LlanrhystudBlack Lion Inn [Pub]
Bull [Pub]
Lamb [Pub]
Mabws Arms [Beerhouse]
New Inn [Pub]
Red Lion Inn [Pub]
Royal Oak [Beerhouse]
Ship [Pub]
Three Horse Shoe [Pub]
Llanrhystud Mefenydd (p)Black Lion [Pub]
Star [Pub]
Llanrhystud RoadMilford Arms [Pub]
Llansantffraed (p)Llansantffraid; LlansanffraidBelmont House [Pub]
Boot and Shoe [Pub]
Castle [Pub]
Star [Pub]
LlanwenogAlltyblacca Arms (Allt-y-blaca Arms) [Pub]
Ffinnant Arms [Pub]
Highmead Arms (High Mead Arms Hotel) [Pub]
Llanvaughan Arms [Pub]
Penpompren Inn (Penpombren) [Pub]
Tynyporth Inn (Ty'nyporth Inn, Tynyporth Hotel) [Inn]
Vale of Teifi Inn (Vale of Teify, Vale of Tivy) [Pub]
LlanwnenLlanwnnenFfrwdyryad Arms (Ffrwd-y-hwyad Arms, Cribin-bach) [Pub]
Fox Hounds (Fox and Hounds) [Pub]
Red Lion (Grannell Hotel) [Pub]
Llanwnen (p)Fish and Anchor (Fish n Anchor, Abercardinnen, Abercerdinen Inn) [Pub]
Royal Oak [Pub]
LlanybydderLlanybytherBlack Lion Hotel [Hotel]
Llanychaearn (p)Llanychaiarn (p)LlanychaiarnChancery [Pub]
Crown and Anchor [Pub]
Milford Tavern [Pub]
Tavern Spite [Pub]
LlechrydCardigan Arms (Seven Stars, Saith Seren) [Pub]
Carpenters Arms [Pub]
Fishermans Arms (Fisher Man Arms) [Pub]
Malthouse [Malthouse]
Teifiside Inn (Tivyside Inn, Tivy Side Inn) [Pub]
Llechryd (p)Hammet House Hotel (Castell Malgwyn Hotel) [Hotel]
LledrodKings Arms [Pub]
LlwyncelynCoopers Arms [Pub]
Rhydfach Inn [Pub]
LlwyndafyddLlwyn-DafyddCrown Inn (Llwyn Dafydd Inn) [Pub]
LlywernogInn [Pub]
LochtynLochtyn Inn [Pub]
MaesycrugiauOld Railway Inn [Pub]
Melindwr (p)Black Horse [Pub]
MydroilynBlack Cock [Pub]
Gilfach Arms (Gilfach Inn) [Pub]
Red Lion Inn (Cock; Red Cock) [Pub]
NantcwnlleBlue Bell [Beerhouse]
Nantcwnlle (p)Plough and Harrow [Pub]
NeboNew Inn [Inn]
Penbont Public House [Pub]
New CrossTafarn y Gors (New Cross Inn) [Pub]
New InnBelle Vue [Pub]
New Inn [Pub]
New QuayCei NewyddAngel [Pub]
Belle Vue [Pub]
Black Lion [Pub]
Blue Bell (New Quay Hotel) [Pub]
Blue Lion (New Storehouse; The Blue) [Pub]
Boars Head [Pub]
Cambrian Inn [Hotel]
Castle Inn [Pub]
Cnwcylili Arms (Cnwc-y-lili Arms, Crwe-y-lili) [Pub]
Crown [Pub]
Dolau Inn [Pub]
Farmers Arms [Pub]
Globe [Pub]
King George [Pub]
New Storehouse Inn [Inn]
Newadd Rock Inn (Neuadd Rock?) [Pub]
Penlon Cottage Brewery [Brewery]
Penrhiwllan Inn [Pub]
Penwig Hotel [Hotel]
Prince of Wales [Pub]
Queens Hotel [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Sailors Home (Commercial Hotel; Sea Horse Inn) [Pub]
Ship in Launch [Pub]
Ship Inn [Pub]
Star Inn (Star Temperance Hotel) [Pub]
Swan [Pub]
Union [Pub]
Wellington Inn [Inn]
White Hart [Pub]
White Lion [Pub]
Newcastle EmlynCastell-newydd EmlynAngel [Pub]
Black Lion [Pub]
Black Lion Inn [Pub]
Blue Bell [Pub]
Butchers Arms [Pub]
Castle [Pub]
D M Jenkins Druggist [Off-licence]
Emlyn Hotel [Pub]
Kings Head [Pub]
Rose and Crown [Pub]
Salutation Hotel (Salutation Inn) [Hotel]
Three Salmons (Three Salmon) [Pub]
PenbontrhydybeddauPen-bont-rhyd-y-beddau; PontrhydybeddauCastle Arms Inn [Pub]
Cwmsymlog Arms (Cwm-symlog Arms) [Pub]
Three Horse Shoes [Pub]
Penbryn (p)Margaret Evans beerhouse [Unlicenced]
PennantBlack Lion [Pub]
Clothiers Arms [Pub]
Cross Inn [Pub]
Ivy Bush [Pub]
Jug Bach? [Pub]
Ship Inn [Pub]
PenparcPen-llain Inn (Penllain Inn) [Inn]
PenparcauPenparkeDinas Hotel [Pub]
Piccadilly [Pub]
Plas Antaron [Pub]
PenrhiwllanPenrhiwllan Inn (Daffodil) [Inn]
Tygwyn Arms [Pub]
PenrhyncochFarmers Arms [Pub]
Miners Arms [Pub]
PenuwchDrovers Arms [Pub]
Penuwch Inn (Lletty'r Pannwr) [Pub]
PenygarnPen-y-garnRhydypennau Inn (Three Horse Shoe Inn) [Pub]
PisgahPisgahHalfway Inn (Henffordd Arms) [Pub]
Pont LlanioDerry Arms [Pub]
PonterwydGeorge Borrow (Gogerddan Arms, The Hotel) [Pub]
New Inn [Inn]
Ponterwyd Hotel [Hotel]
Rhydlydan Arms (Rhyd-lydan Arms) [Pub]
PontrhydfendigaidPontrhydfendigaidBlack Lion Hotel [Pub]
Lisburne Arms [Pub]
New Inn [Pub]
Red Lion Hotel [Pub]
PontrhydygroesBear Inn [Pub]
Lisburne Arms [Pub]
Margaret Jones beerhouse [Pub]
Miners Arms (Miners Arms Hotel) [Inn]
Red Lion [Inn]
PontsianPontshan, PontshaenAlltyroden Arms [Pub]
Castell Howell Arms (Tafarn Bach; Castell Hywel Arms; Castle Howell) [Pub]
Clettwr Arms (Cletwr Arms, Cwrtygwybed) [Pub]
Pontshan Stores [Off-licence]
PontwellyPontweliCilgwyn Hotel (Cilgwyn Arms) [Hotel]
Half Moon Hotel (Half Moon Inn) [Hotel]
Temperance Hotel (Temperance Hall?) [Temperance]
Twelly Side Inn (Pontwelly House) [Temperance]
Twellyside Inn (Twelly House) [Temperance]
Wilkes Head Hotel (Wilks Head) [Hotel]
PoppitWebley Arms (Webley Hotel, Poppit) [Pub]
PrengwynGwarcefel Arms [Pub]
PumsaintDolaucothi Arms (Dolau-Cothy Arms) [Pub]
RhyddlanRhuddlanRhyddlan [Arms] (Rhuddlan Arms, Graig, Rhyddlan Inn, Tynewydd Inn) [Pub]
RhydlewisGwernant Arms (Gwer-nant Arms) [Pub]
RhydowenAlltyrodyn Arms (Alltyrodin Arms; Alltrodyn Arms Allt-yr-odyn) [Pub]
RhydyfelinCrugie Arms (Crygie Arms) [Pub]
SilianPlasnewydd Inn (Plas-newydd Inn) [Pub]
Silian (p)David Williams [Unlicenced]
St DogmaelsSt DogmellsCardigan Bay [Beerhouse]
Corner House [Pub]
Ferry Inn [Pub]
Mariners Arms [Pub]
Red Lion [Pub]
Rhydygwin Inn (Rhyd-y-Gŵin, Rhydygwin) [Beerhouse]
Rose and Crown Inn [Pub]
Royal Exchange [Pub]
Sailors Home (Sailors Arms) [Pub]
Sloop [Pub]
Tivy Inn (Teifi Netpool Inn) [Pub]
Treffynnon Inn [Pub]
Volk's Family and Commercial Temperance Hotel [Temperance]
White Hart [Pub]
SwyddffynnonSwyddffynonBlack Lion [Beerhouse]
Fountain Inn [Beerhouse]
White Hart [Pub]
Synod InnBlack Cock Inn (Post-mawr; Synod House) [Inn]
TalgarregGlanyrafon Arms (Bridge Inn?) [Pub]
TaliesinTre-TaliesinRoyal Oak Inn [Pub]
Tafarn Mariah (Tafarn y Frân, the Raven) [Beerhouse]
Temperance House [Temperance]
TalsarnCross Inn [Pub]
Inn [Pub]
Kings Head [Pub]
New Inn [Pub]
Red Lion Inn [Pub]
TalybontTal-y-bontBlack Lion Hotel (Llew Du; Gwesty'r Llew Du) [Pub]
White Lion Hotel (Llew Gwyn) [Pub]
Tan-y-GroesGogerddan Arms [Pub]
Temple BarCross Inn [Pub]
Fronfelen Arms (Fron-felen Arms, Fronfelin Arms) [Pub]
Gronwy Arms [Pub]
Tre'r DdôlHalfway Inn (Boar's Head Inn, Boars Head Inn) [Pub]
Unicorn [Pub]
Wildfowler Inn (Commercial Inn; Miners Arms?; Dolclettwr Arms) [Pub]
TrefechanBeehive [Pub]
Beer House [Pub]
Black Horse (Ty Ceffyl Du) [Pub]
Bridge End Inn (Bridgend Inn, Bridge Inn Aberystwyth) [Pub]
Castle [Pub]
Fountain Inn (Fountain Head) [Pub]
Malthouse [Brewery]
Plough and Harrow [Pub]
Three Horseshoes [Pub]
Three Tuns [Pub]
Trefeurig (p, cc)TrefeirigNew Inn [Pub]
Trefilan (p)Black Cock [Beerhouse]
TregaronBlack Lion Hotel [Hotel]
Bristol Arms [Pub]
Brynawel Temperance Hotel [Temperance]
Crown and Anchor (Old Crown Inn) [Pub]
Crown Inn (Old Crown Inn) [Pub]
Fountain Inn [Pub]
Inn [Pub]
Ivy Bush [Pub]
Lion Hotel [Pub]
Monarch [Pub]
Nanteos Arms [Pub]
New Lamb Inn (Lamb Inn) [Pub]
Pontargamdwr Arms (Pontargamddwr Arms) [Pub]
Railway Hotel (Drovers Arms, Rugby Club) [Pub]
Railway Inn (Station Steps) [Pub]
Red Lion Inn (y Llew Coch) [Pub]
Sunny Hill Hotel (Sunnyhill Hotel) [Pub]
Talbot Hotel (Y Talbot) [Inn]
Temperance House (New Bush Temperance Hotel) [Temperance]
Wenallt Arms [Pub]
White Horse [Pub]
Tregaron (p)TregarronCrown Inn [Pub]
TregroesTre-groesFfynon Saer Inn (Carpenters Arms) [Pub]
Tregroes Inn [Inn]
TresaithShip Inn [Pub]
TroedyraurTroed-yr-aurPenrhiwpal Inn [Pub]
YnyslasGogerddan Arms [Pub]
Inn [Pub]
Ysbyty CynfynInn (Hetty's Cavern) [Inn]
Ysbyty YstwythBlack Lion Inn (Black Lion Hotel, Pontrhydygroes) [Pub]
Star Inn (Y Seren) [Pub]
Swan [Pub]
Thomas Edwards Beerhouse [Beerhouse]
Ysbyty Ystwyth Inn [Inn]
Ysbyty Ystwyth (p)White Lion [Pub]
Ystrad AeronAldergate [Pub]
Black Lion [Pub]
Blue Bell [Pub]
Brynog Arms (Lloyd Jack Arms) [Pub]
Lloyd Jack Arms Inn [Pub]
Star [Pub]
Union Inn [Pub]
Vale of Aeron [Pub]
Ystrad Meurig (p)College Arms [Pub]
Mabws Arms (Mabus Arms) [Pub]
Rhydgaled Arms (Rhydygaled Arms) [Beerhouse]
YstumtuenMiners Arms [Pub]
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